Bound By Sea

Jack Viorel

Jack Viorel grew up in California and came in contact with the ocean at a young age. He was hooked! However in his early years he lived closer to the mountains than the sea, so didn't get to the ocean as often as he wanted. Jack was involved in other sports as well and was an All American High School Swimmer and played wide receiver in college for the University of California, Davis football team. It wasn't until he graduated college that he moved straight to Half Moon Bay and became completely immersed in the ocean and surfing.

When not teaching elementary school, Jack was traveling the world surfing anywhere and everywhere. He has been on surf trips to some of the most remote reaches of the planet, and claims to have surfed in nearly 30 different countries.

Eventually Jack married Aileen Wu and the two of them settled down and started a family in California. Their first born, a beautiful baby girl, named Gabriella. In search of a slower pace of life, the three of them moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. It was here that Jack started Indo Jax Surf School, combining his teaching training and skill, with his love of the ocean and surfing. This wasn't your "run of the mill" surf school, it was a surf program for medically fragile, special needs and at-risk children. The very first surf camp was for children born with HIV. Since then Indo Jax and its charity program has given FREE surf camps for thousands of special needs children locally in North Carolina and around the world. His programs serve needy children ranging from orphan girls in India to children with visual impairment to wounded warriors.

In 2012 Jack embarked on a project with his now 9 year old daughter, Gabriella. In an attempt to plant seeds of his charity surf program, the two of them traveled to all 4 oceans, offering up charity surf camps to special needs children throughout the world.

For more information on Indo Jax Surf School and Charities go to

A NRD Production | Directed by NATE DANIEL | Produced by Caitlin Jaisle | Director of photography Matt Batchelor
Starring Jack Viorel | Gabby Viorel | Dan Williams
Coming summer 2013