Bound By Sea

Matt Batchelor:
(Director of Photography)

Matt Batchelor is a experienced videographer and editor. Growing up in southeastern North Carolina, Matt has had extensive experience in many different video fields while specializing in action sports videography. As Director of Photography on this documentary, Matt used his skills to help capture surfing in its purest form. With a large list of clients such as Surfline, JSAW International, Jedidiah, and many other companies, Matt continually provides a high quality outcome. Traveling around the world to countries like Africa, Norway, Panama, and Guatemala to film, Matt has been able to capture truly great images. He is looking forward to sharing Jack's story and show the world how surfing is changing people's lives.

A NRD Production | Directed by NATE DANIEL | Produced by Caitlin Jaisle | Director of photography Matt Batchelor
Starring Jack Viorel | Gabby Viorel | Dan Williams
Coming summer 2013